Nov 29, 2008

A Plan

So my favorite song from the summer was defiantly "Boom Chaka Laka" which happens to be on the same CD that I was reminded of tonight. I am in awe of King David. He was able to accomplish so many great things that we forget about the bad things that he did (until we need a little confidence boost of our own). He knew that God had a plan and the reason he was known to chase after God's heart was that he never let his foolishness get in the way of the chase. 2nd Samuel tells us he did some pretty foolish things. But when he was called out on it he immediatly repented and remebered that God had a plan. It makes me feel a little better to know that even when I do silly little things I simply have to repent and remember. Way easier said than done. God has a plan. God knew me before my birthday.