Nov 10, 2013

Five for Friday {11/10/13}

It's that time again.....that time when I have a little bit of Sunday time to actually blog.  One of my favorites is to link up with Doodlebugs Teaching for 5 for Friday.

So LAST Friday was my birthday.  I did have candles..........on my coffee table as I studied one last time for the ESOL Praxis.  In bed by 9:00 so I'd be ready to rise by 5:00 to get to the test on time.  

Luckily I got to spend time with my mom, dad, and sister following the test.  The tradition of having birthday shrimp lives on one more year thanks to Red Lobster and our super kind waitress put candles on the lava cookie sundae we shared.  Yummmmmm! Wish I had a picture of that yummy goodness.

I was sooooo thankful to sleep in yesterday!!! Last week I was up before the sun for the Praxis of my nightmares.  It was a little painful and I pray that I passed.  At one point I lost my place and had a mild panic attack before I found the question that I missed.  Only a few tears escaped under the pressure.  Now the wait for the scores.  4 weeks of waiting.  Tick tock tick tock.

In the classroom this week we worked sooooooo hard on problem solving.  We took out the word problems and just looked at straight up equations.  CCPS would like the kiddos to use multiple representations when solving problems which I think is awesome!  My little guys were getting all of the pictures and representations mixed up in their little heads.  So.... (thanks to my wonderful vocabulary lessons in my ESOL grad classes) we made a foldable.  I'm hoping this reference will help the kids remember how to draw the representation they are wanting to use.  Next week we will work on a solving strategies flip book. 

MONEY MONEY MONEY --- This week we will begin our study of money.  I know the kids are going to LOVE this because I've asked for parents to send in REAL COINS.  I hope this isn't a crazy idea.  I'm so nervous that some will want to snatch from others.  I'm also imagining the sale of snacks rising in the cafeteria with our money study coins.  You never know unless you take the risk to try.

Next Friday I'll being taking a trip with some of my closest teacher friends for a night at the smithsonian.  I feel like I need to watch the movie in order to prep!  Or maybe not as I'm prone to crazy dreams.  Either way I'm super excited to have a teacher nerd night with some of my besties!  One of the many benefits to living so close to DC.