Jan 6, 2016

#sixtybooks Challenge

I've been wanting to read more.  ::aren't we all::  So I was super excited with I found My Shoestring Life's linky about reading 60 books in 2016.  Now let's all be completely honest here....I am a S...L...O...W... reader and struggle to read a 3 books during the summer.  SO new year, new challenge!  My challenge to myself this year is to read.  Here are some of the books I'm planning on reading...

And of course I'm following recommendations from  where my fav Donalyn Miller posts.  Then there are also all the great recommendations from my Goodreads: Book reviews, recommendations, and discussion friends.

As I approach this daunting number of books I'm reminding myself that it's about reading more and not the number of books I've read.  So basically I'm calling it a win if I've read more than 5 books this year because that would absolutely beat any past reading "record" I've held.

Let me know of any books I should be adding to my list!

Happy Reading,