Sep 15, 2013

Welcome to My Classroom

Now that we are three weeks deep into school I'm going to post my classroom pics. I still don't have everything the way I want it. But let's be honest... I change my classroom from day to day to make it work for my kids and of course myself.

Here's our door which only looks so cute because I have a student teacher who put it together for me. She rocks!!!!!! Welcome to the Jungle!

This wall has already changed. This is my wish list or "Lend A Hand". Thanks to the Target dollar bins for the $1 hands. Score!!!!  It was only up for the first week.   As soon as open house was through I put the left overs into a baggie along with the sign and its ready for next year. 

This is the first board you will see when you walk in. "All About Me" This year I am determined to stay on schedule and have all students share last year I had the board up for a few months and never once had a student share. Woooops. 

Next up lunch count. Basically I put every student's name on a large craft stick. Last years kids hated that they all looked the same so this year I added neon star stickers to each stick. 

Next to the lunch board is my Guided Math board. Need to work on a cuter header. Not top priority on my list so this will do. I am LOVING Clutter Free Classroom's math rotations. Makes teaching math easy. 

Next to this board I have my small group table which I don't have a picture of. Then underneath are my in bins. I'm trying the student number system. Not sure if its successful yet. 

Learning Targets, Mathematical Practices, and Whole Brain Teaching

Calendar area. Happy September. My calendar still says August. So not good at changing  the calendar. Oh well. Also my fancy read aloud chair next to my read aloud baskets. This area has already changed a bit too. Just not the calendar.

I've got tables this year!!!!! What a learning curve. I love them!!!!!! I have 7 circle tables. 6 for students and 1 for small group interventions. 

A look in our table baskets that are no more. My partner and I opted to go back to pencil pouches. So much easier. So now I have wash bins on each table to give them a place to put their pencil pouches, agendas, and homework folders. 

I still have my teacher desk. It's still a mess and I need 10 minutes at the close of every day to organize all the junk I pile on it as the day speeds through. I'm wanting to get rid of it.

And last but not least here's my first day before and after shot. No words needed. 

Happy 2013 school year!!!!!!