Dec 2, 2013

Currently December 2013

Listening: to my new addiction...Revenge.  The story has sucked me in.  What will happen to troubled Emily Thorn?

Loving: self explanitory...Christmas in a jar has been accomplished by Yankee Candle Co.

Thinking: I just loved Thanksgiving break.  I got to stay with my sister for some rare hangout time.  Love her and my brother in law.  They're the best!  I also LOVED sleeping and relaxing and not worrying about what math I was going to teach.

Wanting: DUH!!!! Was anyone else is shock today?  Going back to the grind can be the pits sometimes.

Needing: I'm finished with 2/5 of my Christmas shopping.  If the other 3/5ths weren't so hard to shop for. here I come.

Favorite Tradition: My mama buys us each a matching pair of Christmas PJs since I don't even know when.  One year she didn't and we were all so disappointed.  She thought we "grew out" of the tradition.  Ummmmm who ever grows out of wanting comfy PJs for Christmas?