Jan 17, 2009


Ever tried to quit something cold turkey. Just stop doing it. Have nothing to do with it. Never go near it, not even touch it with a thirty-nine and a half foot pole?

I have many times. Especially this time of year....HELLO New Year's Resolutions (NYR).

I am a fan of new thing but I never really make serious written down stick to it NYRs simply because I'm not so much a fan of failure. I've broken every single resolution I've ever made therefore this year I resolved not to resolve. :) This time it will be impossible to break!

I've made changes and boy do I think differently about things that I did even a month ago. For instance: an understood NYR for any American is to get in shape/healthy/fit/... however you want to word it. I have this desire, not in resolution form (obviously), but in a creation of a new habit type of thing. So for Christmas I bought Biggest Loser Boot Camp (thanks Grandma Hinman). This week I've worked out with Bob, Allie, Heba (and two other guys I don't know) 6 days in a row!!!! So proud of myself.

So among other things, like figuring out how to use my time more wisely so I don't get overwhelmed by 6 million papers/projects/tests/journals to grade in the same weekend (what I should be taking care of right now) while still having the much needed time to hang out with friends/family. This year I am trying to build new habits and break old habits.

What habits are you creating / breaking this New Year?