Aug 12, 2012

Just another crafty Sunday...

…or really the first one since about high school.  I’ve decided to start making some of the things that I’ve pinned on Pinterest for my classroom.  The project I started with today was found on Miss Kindergarten’s blog spot.  I LOOOOOVE her DIY “Where are we?” board, and it is just what I need to save our secretaries from running all around the school to find me and my kiddos.  So here is my version…

Thanks to my dad for cutting a scrap piece of I don’t even know what kind of board for the sturdy base.  (Dad’s are the best aren’t they!)I used ribbon to smooth the not so smooth edges.  I will add my places cards when I can figure out how to share my googledocs folder.

Using the handy paper bag trick for painting the clothes pin, I went ahead and painted 10 more for my “All About Me” board.  Yet another amazing Pintrest trick (hot glueing a thumb tack to the back of the clothes pin) these will save me sooooo much time and annoyance with an at times noncompliant stapler.  I’m so excited to use my new crafty crafts.
Tomorrow will be my first day in the classroom.  I already feel behind.  Only 2 more stressless summer Sunday nights.  YIKES!!!!