Aug 3, 2012

Face Book Flipbook

Class lists are posted!  Viral texts begin between the teachers at our school.  We finally get a glimpse at who we will be spending this school year with.  As soon as I got home last night, I pulled up my countys web portal to see just who was in my class this year.  (We all know those lists change even into the first weeks of school.) 

I am very excited about the bunch I will be getting this year.  Im lucky enough to share a hallway with 2nd grade, so Ive seen the little munchkins in the hallways so many times already.  Even though I dont know the names of the majority of them, I know their faces well.  Also lucky for me, their little pictures pop up next to their names.  This comes in quite handy especially since I will be having an intern this fall.  She will only be coming once a week so, if shes anything like me, learning names might be a challenge. 

My roommate gave me a fantastic idea to help interns/subs/myself put names with faces.  When she was student teacher, her mentor teacher gave her a flip-book of names and faces.  Each childs picture, first name, and last name were printed on an index card size page.  Attach a metal ring to the top and youve got a face flip-book.

This is the cover for my partner teacher's class.
Love my teaching partner!!!!

You can click HERE to download the template my roommate created.

Happy August!!!