Jul 28, 2013

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I figured it out!

Being new to the blogging world I’ve had a little bit of a hard time getting it all figured out and cute. Because we all know that is what matters the most!!!!  450,000 changes later I think I have the look that I like.  Thanks to Shabby Blogs I’ve been able to find a background I love and create a header that fits my standards of simple, cute, and elementary. My blog needed an update for a few reasons:

1.  I’m changing grades (again) this fall.
Going from 3rd to 2nd is not going to be a huge jump.  But going from 3rd ELA to 2nd STEM will be a bit of a shift.  Come along for the ride!  So the change from “Life Laughs Literacy” to “Primary Jungle” comes from my hope to stay in primary elementary grades and the change in content.  I have missed teaching science so much and am so pumped to get back into investigations and have 101 reasons to visit the outdoor learning areas surrounding my school.  Yay outdoor education!

2.   I’m actually going to start using my blog this year.
My BFF from middle school, Regina, and I are both working on keeping up/starting up with our writing.  With this new layer of accountability I will hopefully be a more successful blogger.  I don’t particularly care about the numbers, but I do want to get my ideas out there to share.

3.   I love to read teacher blogs so why not write one! JI’m pretty sure that I subscribe to exactly 143,000,000 blogs and LOVE to have my own little professional development by reading all of the amazing ideas and implementing what I can into my own classroom.  I plan on writing about more than just teaching.  However, you can absolutely expect a vast majority of my posts to be about teaching since it is my heart to work with kids and see their minds open to new exciting things.  There is nothing like experiencing an “ah ha” moment with a student.  Can I get a “What! What!” from the teachers on that?!?! These light bulb moments are what we live for.

Fresh school supplies run a close second.

Happy Sunday!!!!!!

P.S. We only get to say “Happy Sunday” for a few more weeks in my district. Twenty-one blissful days of summer left!!!