Aug 3, 2013

August Currently

I’m here with my bestie since 8th grade (Regina).  We’ve both promised to try to keep our blogs up to date this go around.  She always does much better than I.  After publically challenging her last week she’s blogged every day.  I’ve blogged twice (womp womp womp).

SUMMER NAPS are the sweet spot of summer.  Along with the pool, reading the books that I want to read, staying up late and getting up late, and how could I forgetthe lowest stress levels of the year.

My little sister got married a few years ago and ever since they’ve been planning, saving, and working on their brand spankin’ new house.  I am soooooo proud of her and happy that we have a new little hang out spot.  That is until she goes back to nursing school in the fall.

See “loving” for further explanation.

I need a whole extra month to get my life together before school starts.  I’ll be moving to a new grade (2nd) and a new content in the fall (STEM).  I am beyond excited for this.  I’ve giggled to myself several times about how I will no longer have to report letter grades or give the oh so lovely state assessment.  Yippeeeeee!  Since I’ve been taking the summer to do what I want to do (brilliant idea!!!!) I haven’t even began to think about school and all that I will need for my new 2nd Grade STEM classroom. So pretty pretty please can I have just one more month!?!?!

B2s must haves
I totally agree with Farly here.  B2s not B2S.  You’ll have to read her Currently to understand.

Flair pens - DUH! Only the best things in the world to write with!!!! So many colors to choose from.
Tooth Graphing Chart Ok so it’s not something that is necessary for 2nd but I think it would be so much fun AND graphing is a part of CCSS sooooo yes! It is totally necessary. Now where to find a cute one?!?!?
Zebra Print Number Line Sarah Glover from Mrs. Glover’s class made this super cute and reasonably priced Zebra Print number line.  Of course I need a number line for my math classroom.  ELA didn’t really warrant a number line so when I switched to ELA 4 years ago, I gave away my number line knowing that I would prefer something cuter by the time I switch back.  Boy was I right and Sarah has just the right thing in her TpT store.  Luck me!!! And you too! I’m telling you it’s adorable!