Aug 5, 2013

Prep Through Prayer

Summer mornings are the best! I can wake up when I want and sit in my PJ's as long as I want!  I even have time to read some of the blogs that I've been following.  

As I’ve been blog hopping this morning I came across one that I thought I should share.  My new friend Cait from Always Sunny in a Windowless Classroom shared a link about praying for your child’s teacher.

With all of the planning and creating and printing and laminating I’ve left out the most important part of the prep workpraying.  Lord knows that I don’t make a difference on my own accord but only by the grace of God. 

On my own I’m a scatter-brained worrier.  By the grace of God I’m an organized collected teacher.

On my own I lose patience at the drop of a hat.  By the grace of God I smile and nod and a lot of times even laugh at the shinnanigans these littles pull.

On my own I can do most things.  Through God I can do all things.
I am positively going to need to have God’s strength when I’m figuring out the CCSS, Number Talks, and switching my brain from ELA to STEM.

Pray for your child’s teachers.  We need it now more than ever.