Aug 7, 2013

PBIS Stars

We are a PBIS school as many of you are also.  Our classroom rules follow our school rules, which can be modified to fit each teacher’s needs.  Today as I’m going through my files making another file for things I will need to print and copy for that first week of school I came upon my rules contract.

Each year I talk with the students about classroom expectations and allow them to “create” the rules.  “Magically” we always end up with the same set of rules.  Our school rules are very simple and go along with our school mascot (more like a school icon) the Linton Springs Star.

S Be Safe
T Take Responsibility
A Active Learning (I like to add active listening to this as well)
R Respect

After creating our rules, students take home a student behavior contract sharing what we agreed upon as a class.  You can download a free copy of my letter at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Just click below.

SIDE NOTE:  This year I added the whole brain classroom rules.  I'm learning alllll about whole brain and can't wait to try it out in the classroom.

With PBIS the idea is to focus on the positive behaviors.  So when Susie Q is sitting criss cross with eyes on me I will say  “Susie you’re doing a great job listening.  Please go get a STARbuck.”
STARbucks are our school wide tickets. 

Students simply write their name on the front or back of their STARbuck then place in their teacher’s bucket.  The tickets collect throughout the week when we do our weekly drawings.  Each teacher draws a STARbuck from their stash making that child the classroom winner of the week. Wahoooo!!! This means different things in different classrooms.  In my classroom it means that you will earn bonus tickets for our ticket exchange.  I’ll share more about this tomorrow.

The winning STARbucks are sent to the team level PBIS rep who will “draw” a grade level winner.  Grade level winners go to the media center to have a group picture taken to hang on the “Wall of Fame”.  We have a winner picture every week thanks to the reminders from our media specialist.  She’s the best!  The kids LOVE  to see their picture hanging in the hallway and on our weekly TV show.
It is quite the system and it’s taken us a few years to get it to this point.  It feels like a well oiled machine at this point.  The kids are so excited to win a STARbuck.  It’s something that they get to share with their parents so that hopefully, positive behaviors are shared more often than negative behaviors.

Does your school use PBIS?

What is the kids favorite part?