Oct 20, 2013

Five for Friday/Sunday {10/20/13}

This five for Friday brought to you by Sunday because who has the energy to blog on a Friday....not this chick!



Time for some rambling random blogging about life as a teacher...


You read that correctly.  Friday was Maryland's State Teacher's Associations meeting day. It could be going on all weekend for all I know. :)  Since I haven't gotten a raise in ummmm my whole career (thankful that I have a job) and we are not reimbursed for going (still thankful that I have a job).  I can't justify spending money on such shinnanigans training. 

HOWEVER, I successfully used this Friday to sleep, watch Netflix, and organize the millions of papers that have collected over the past week.  How does that always happen?  Sometimes it feel like someone sneaks in my room and adds papers to the in boxes.  Then I look through and realize... NOPE I assigned all of this paper work.  WHAT.  WAS.  I. THINKING.


 'Tis the season for graphing and I'm loving all of the ideas available on Pinterest and TpT.  How did I teach before these.  I would argue that Pinterest is sometimes the best professional development out there.  As long as you know what you're looking for.

I'm using some graphs from Peterson's Pad this week.

I always like to have the students make up their own questions on the back if they finish early.

3. Student Teachers are...

Ahhh-mazing!!! So sad to see my student teacher move on to the world of ELA.  The extra set of hands and ideas will be missed greatly.

4.  ESOL Classes

A great opportunity presented itself to earn a stipend.  So I did what any other teacher would have done.  Dropped my grad school cohort and joined the crazy journey.  It's no big deal really.  We simply have to pass 2 compacted classes (16 weeks into 4 weeks each) and pass the ESOL Praxis within this school year.  I am happy to report that I've finished the first course and will begin the second course tomorrow.  Then in 2 weeks we will be taking the Praxis.  I have more flashcards than I know what to do with.  So I've been using this VERY cool app, StudyBlue.  It works with apple, android, and your regular old laptop.  LOVE. IT.  I have 238402398409 flash cards to study at my fingertips.  Just the thought that I can study as I lay down to sleep makes me feel better.  It never happens though. {Note to self: work on study habits.}  Just typing up the flash cards is great practice though. {Or at lease that's what I tell myself.}

5. Middle School Small Group

Just in case I didn't have enough already going on in my life I decided to add a middle school small group bible study to my weekly list of things to do.  I'm so glad I added this to my week.  These girls are crazy, wild, and hilarious....and they really really really love them some Jesus.  It is so nice to have a time to pour back into these girls all that was poured into me during my middle school years.

That's all from me.  I hope everyone has a fantastic week!!! Last week to somewhat hold it together before the Halloween crazies begin.