Nov 5, 2013

Helping Parents Help with Math

Let's face it...math is not taught the way it used to be.  Many of our parents are not able to help their children with the new math for a variety of reasons.  The top reason being we are no longer rote.  We apply math to solve math even in second grade.  Parents need our help.

What can we do when we, ourselves, are learning the curriculum as we teach it?  One way I've reached out to my parents is through a classroom blog.  I try to post weekly tips or tricks to help parents help their children.  We are a team and I don't know about you but I feel like I need the parent's assistance in teaching now more than ever.

We have a fabulous math resource teacher at my school who is constantly helping us help parents.  Any links that she sends to me I post immediately on my classroom blog.  Our county has recently posted a few videos explaining some of the solving strategies we are now using in 2nd grade.  These will be so helpful to the parents who've been asking "What else can I do to help my son/daughter with math?"

Parents are one of our most powerful resources.  When we empower them to help our students learn, we create a culture of learning that extends beyond the classroom.