Feb 5, 2011

The word is toad Ms. King!

I heart teaching!

Yesterday we worked on one of my favorite subjects, writing. After taking an stellar writing class at McDaniel College this fall, I cannot teach enough writing. These 3rd graders have so much to say. Some of it everyday life (I love sledding). Some of it extremely funny (The Adventures of Pickle Boy and Chip). I usually let the children choose their own writing topics and encourage them to use the writing tools that we learn in class.

This week's writing tool: the power of similes. To introduce this poetic device I love to read Quick as a Cricket, by Audrey Wood. I begin reading the story (for the second time around, I've already finished this lesson with my morning ELA class). The kids are commenting on each page and the comparisons made. We get to a page I will never forget. I begin to read the simile, "I'm as cold as..." and I lose my place, my own ADD kicking in. I begin to look at the picture while I am reading, which reminds me of our class pet, Michelangelo, the painted turtle. With that thought in my mind I continue reading..."I'm as cold as a terd." What was supposed t be toad became terd. Yes. This teacher said terd and continued to laugh about it just as hard and loud as the kids. I couldn't even regain my composure enough to finish the book. I let the kids read it to me.

Luckily, this did not ruin our lesson. A majority of the kids were still able to create funny similes about themselves, their classmates, and me. Apparently I'm as nice as a bunny and kind as someone's mommy.

I LOVE my job!