Jul 30, 2012

Back to WHAT!?!?!

As I've been reading some of my favorite blogs I've learned that I'm one of the lucky ones who still has a few more weeks of summer left. Yesssss!!!

This is a very good thing because also, unlike others, I have not been motivated to create new materials. Or even look at any of my first week of school files.   I had lunch with my teacher friends today and one of them suggested meeting at school this week to start unpacking and decorating our classrooms.  All I could think is, "Ugh! Really!"  I would much more prefer to root on Team USA from my couch all day long.   (Not that I've done that or plan on doing that anytime soon. ::wink wink::  I cant get enough of beach volleyball.)

The only time I begin thinking about my classroom is to escape thinking about packing.  When your apartment looks like this...

...all I want to do is procrastinate. This makes the perfect time for Pinning and the Olympics. Right!?!?

I did get a little back to school spark while at Target today when I found a million little things I just HAD to have from the dollar bins. One of my new additions this year will be my star student chair cap. Sooooo cute! I hope the kiddos are as pumped about them as I am. Unlikely, but it's the little things that bring a spark to the day.

Alright. I'm off to watch some more Olympics. I hope race walking is on.